TF Blues Jam Survival Guide TUTORIAL


 Blues Jam Survival Guide


A quick Google will reveal hundreds of books, courses and seminars for conquering the fear of public speaking, but you’ll find very little that prepares you or helps you overcome the fear of participating in a public blues jam. And that’s precisely why we asked Jeff Scheetz to research and author The Blues Jam Survival Guide for TF members and students.
The Blues Jam Survival Guide is packed with 115 tips, 75 essential licks, 43 practice rhythm tracks, and tons of other valuable insight designed for the practicing guitarist who is biting at the bit to jump up on stage at the jam but just can’t pull the trigger for fear of not being prepared. Even if you’ve overcome your “stage fright” but just can’t seem to kick it in to high gear at the jam, The Blues Jam Survival Guide will provide that “breakthrough” you’ve been hoping for.

Scheetz goes way beyond just preparing you mentally and logistically; The Blues Jam Survival Guide also includes dozens of essential blues rhythm patterns that you will need to know, a big bagful of go-to blues licks that will always work for you, and sound advice for other musical situations that you will definitely encounter and need to deal with at the jam.

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TF 50 Low Down Rhythms 2013 TUTORIAL


50 Low Down Rhythms 2013


Consummate guitarist, educator and composer Adam Levy is your groove guide for these 50 Low-Down Rhythms You MUST Know. Adam is also a rhythm fanatic and monster player thereof, “Rhythm is the basis for all great guitar playing. The better your understanding of rhythm concepts, the deeper your groove. The deeper your groove, the better everything you play sounds.”

Throughout 50 Low-Down Rhythms, Adam guides you on an illuminating learning adventure across the fretboards of the very best in the rhythm guitar biz. From Billy Butler’s upbeat rhythm work on Honky Tonk, to Steve Cropper’s moves and grooves supporting Otis Redding and Sam & Dave, to Cornell Dupree’s soulful stylings, Leo Nocentelli’s funky stuff with the Meters, Ry Cooder’s rhythm guitar genius, the Beatle’s hypnotic fingerstyle parts circa the White Album, Neil Young’s double-drop-D tunings, Hidalgo/Rojas Los Lobos’ two-guitar moves, Keith Richard’s signature open G work, Jimi Hendrix’s rhythmic magic, Bossa Nova chops ala Joao Gilberto, and tons of other rhythm guitar insight from lesser-known yet equally-skilled players — it’s all ‘low-down’ and it’s all here.

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TF Fareed Haque’s 1-2-3 Bossa Nova TUTORIAL


Fareed Haque’s 1-2-3 Bossa Nova


In this accelerated introduction to bossa nova rhythm guitar for intermediate players and beyond, Fareed shows you the authentic bossa nova rhythms and chord voicings used by the Brazilian greats including Antonio Carlos Jobim, Joao Gilberto, Luis Bonfa, Baden Powell and many others. Fareed breaks the style down into one versatile rhythm pattern that underlies almost every bossa nova tune and then shows you the classic chord voicings used by most bossa nova guitarists. You’ll put that all to work as you learn and play along to six etudes, each of which follows an essential chord progression found in many famous bossa nova tunes.
In the first section, Fareed drills down on the right-hand technique by dissecting and teaching it in three parts. All of the essential principles represented as covered including fingerings, hand and arm positions and use of the nails. Once you get a grip on the right-hand technique, Fareed reveals the key to the bossa nova rhythm pattern and steps you through several play-alongs until you nail it.

The second section is all about the essential chord voicings and moveable forms that you’ll need to take on the bossa nova songbook. You’ll learn the 6/9, minor 6th, minor 9th, dominant 13th, dominant 9th, half-diminished and diminished forms. Fareed also shows you embellishments for these forms – critical for bossa nova accompaniment.

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TF Frank Vignola’s 1-2-3 Jazz Guitar TUTORIAL


Frank Vignola’s 1-2-3 Jazz Guitar


Vignola’s approach is simple and highly effective. First he’ll teach you just three movable chords; a major 7th, minor 7th and a dominant 9th. These three chords alone will power you through hundreds of jazz standards and progressions.
Rhythm guitar and comping is next; Frank demonstrates and walks you through just three jazz rhythms: a swing, the Charleston and a Latin rhythm. Again, thousands of jazz tunes represented as played with these three jazz rhythms.
You’ll then learn the rhythm guitar parts for six popular jazz standards; Ja Da, Bill Bailey, April Showers, Georgia On My Mind, Avalon and St. Louis Blues. Play-alongs for each tune assure that you’ll nail the timing, rhythms and jazz feel for each part.

Finally, Vignola shows you how to learn a melody and then “jazz it up” using just three embellishments. You’ll learn the melodies for all six standards and then learn how to solo over the tunes’ progressions by simply jazzing up their respective melodies using Frank’s three techniques.

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