Ultimate Beginner Series Guitar Theory Basics TUTORIAL

Ultimate Beginner Series Guitar Theory Basics


For all guitarists who wish to add a little musical know-how to their playing. Don Latarski delivers an easy-to-follow and highly practical set of lessons covering those aspects of music theory that apply directly to guitarists. Learn to construct chords and scales from the ground up, and build arpeggios that really suit the sound you’re looking for. Discover how the scales and chords fit together, and how to approach improvising with modes. Features a special guest tutorial from Frank Gambale, who de-mystifies the complexities of the Dorian mode. Organise your fretboard thinking…knowledge is power!

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Genre: Guitar lessons
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Avalanche Productions – West Coast Theory

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West Coast Theory

Avalanche Productions  | 699 MB

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Welcome to West Coast Theory, a hip-hop documentary that takes viewers and fans behind the scenes of making music in the New Millennium.Featuring today’s hottest artists, Dj’s, producers and studio owners, West Coat Theory takes you inside how the hit-makers represented as staying relevant and innovative in the digitized, tech-savy music scene. The film centers around Segal, sound engineer for Dr. Dre, Eminem and other top artists who puts the game changing this way… “The music industry is still completing its mutation. Continuar leyendo “Avalanche Productions – West Coast Theory”