TL SideKick5 v5.0 r163 WiN/MacOSX


TL SideKick5 v5.0 r163

WiN/MacOSX | 14 / 5 MB

SideKick5 makes side-chaining very easy in your VST PLUGINS and AudioUnit DAW. Side-chaining is a usefull tool for musicians, producers, video editors and in radio broadcasting. SideKick has helped many audio engineers by saving time while improving their mixes. Each SideKick5 you add in your mixer gets a number (1 to 16). And sends the audio it receives to all other SideKick5s in your mixer. This is done automatically through 16 stereo virtual buses.

SideKick5 is made with native C++ and is built up from 10 years of experience ever since the first version of SideKick back in 2003. To give you the most easy and enjoyable side-chaining experience. This 5th generation of SideKick5 has completely been rewritten to improve compatibility, performance and usability. Check it out yourself; download it now and run a free trial !

R2R | June 14 2013 | WiN 14 MB | Mac 5.2 MB

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