V2 Elite Orchestral Percussion 1.2 KONTAKT SAMPLES


V2 Elite Orchestral Percussion 1.2


Elite Orchestral Percussion featuring chronicle this a number of cutting-edge techniques to maximize and enhance the playability of the library, including a randomization engine which utilizes a variety of advanced techniques to maximize realism. A full performance view is available in all instruments, enabling instant triggering and programming of various common percussion articulations such as flams, 3-stroke ruffs, chokes, rolls, and realistic rhythmic pattern generators.

Elite Orchestral Percussion offers dozens of different room and reverb options via a custom set of convolution impulses implemented in EZRoom. EZRoom is a drop-down menu in the interface that, with one click, allows you to place the percussion in everything from the world’s greatest chapels and concert halls to caverns, chambers, and small rooms, all with minimal processor hit and no additional RAM usage. Unusual sonic spaces represented as also included for esoteric effects. EZRoom multiplies the different sonic options available to the discerning orchestral writer.
Elite Orchestral Percussion boasts an impressive array of featuring chronicle this built into its engine, designed to provide the best in realism, flexibility, and creative inspiration.
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