AV WV 301: Element Explored TUTORiAL


WV 301: Element Explored


The designers at WV know about audio! See how they bring their DSP expertise to the cool new soft synth they call Element in this exploratory learning lessons by Matt Vanacoro.
When the folks at WV enter the synthesizer fray, you’ve got to pay attention. That’s why we assigned Matt Vanacoro to dig into this baby and see how it works. Matt begins this learning lessons with a look at both the standalone and plugin versions. Here is where you see Element’s preferences, options, menu bar and presets.

From there you go deep into synthesis. You learn all about the Oscillators, Arpeggiators, Filters, Amplifiers and LFOs. Next up, Matt shows how the FX and EQ sections represented as integrated into the overall design.
As the learning lessons comes to a close, you get a look at the Modulation Matrix, Envelopes and some cool sound design tips.
So welcome WV into the world of synthesis with this totally cool look at Element!

SYNTHiC4TE | May 30 2013 | 179 MB

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WAV SAMPLESES Element Explained

G3    TUTORIAL | 251 MB

WV debut virtual synth is a knockout! Mark Struthers digs deep into this sonic necessity, showing you all the nooks and crannies, making learning this synth elementary.
Mark starts with a detailed TUTORIAL on setting up this powerhouse synth in both stand-alone mode and within a DAW. He then gets into the Oscillator and Voltage Controllers sections and explains how they’re used for sound creation.
Next, Mark dives into the LFO and MOD Matrix sections, taking your sound creation further with these basic, but important sound sculpting featuring chronicle this. The FX section is then explored, as well as the EQ section, which represented as both highly effective tools in your sonic toolbox.

The super cool Arpeggiator / Sequencer is then looked at in detail, showing you how to add movement to your PTCHes. Mark then reveals useful Global Adjustments such as for locking in Elelment’s Arpeggiator / Sequencer tempo with your DAW’s tempo. Using Presets is then studied, as well as how to adapt presets into your own masterpiece.

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G3 WV SSL Bundle Explained TUTORiAL


WV SSL Bundle Explained


SYNTHiC4TE | March 19 2013 | 150 MB

The WV SSL Bundle undoubtedly brought mixing in the box to a new level. But do you really know all there is to know about these outstanding plug-ins? Enter Michael Pearson Adams, former North American product specialist for WV Michael shows you all the featuring chronicle this and functions and reveals some info that very few represented as aware of about these fantastic studio staples.
Michael starts off with an introduction that prepares you for the coming videos and then jumps right in to the first plug-in TUTORIAL about the SSL EQ. Next up represented as the SSL E & G Channel Strips which Michael shows in-detail, including different routings within the plug-in and how to use in different situations.

Michael then unveils the legendary G Master Buss Compressor and all that it can do for your tracks. Continuing on, Michael presents 2 videos on using all the SSL plug-ins in a session, on all the different tracks, such as drums, vocals, bass and more. Last but not least, Michael gives you a bonus video on a little known trick to really saturate the plug-in, getting that “SSL Sound” without clipping the track! Continuar leyendo “G3 WV SSL Bundle Explained TUTORiAL”