TUTS-Guitarist’s Tech Workshop TUTORiAL

Guitarist’s Tech Workshop


let two masters show how to take care of your gear.
Performing a proper setup for your guitar can seem like a dark art requiring a copper chalice filled with incense. Reading a schematic of a tube amplifier can seem like you’re staring at ancient Sanskrit. Guitar and tube amp masters Kurt Bloch and Ben Verellen are here to help.

In this two-part workshop, Kurt and Ben will show you exactly how to get the best sound out of your gear.
In part-one Kurt will teach the basics of setting up your guitar – you’ll learn about…

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AV Reason 301 Advanced MIDI Workshop TUTORiAL


Reason 301 Advanced MIDI Workshop


Reason 7 is deep into MIDI Madness. Watch as Reason specialist Mo Volans take you into the depths of Propellerheads’ latest version of Reason and its expanded, enhanced and supercharged internal and external MIDI featuring chronicle this.
The nastiest new feature in Reason 7 is its ability to control external synths with MIDI. Imagine taking all those crazy internal CVs and pumping them into your favorite hardware keyboards or modular synths. Wake up! It’s time to stop imagining and start learning how to do it!

Follow along as Mo takes you down the dark, MIDI “rabbit hole” unlocking and unleashing Reason’s internal CV power into the the real world. It truly is a wonderland when you see all the cool and creative stuff you conjure up! And, did you know you can bring in external MIDI too? The possibilities represented as infinite!
First you learn how to do the all important initial setup. Then you’re off to a huge collection of tutorials working with synth tips and tricks as you build up your MIDI arsenal. From there Mo gets deep into arpeggiators, MIDI controllers and how to receive and record MIDI data.
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