New Blue Plugins Pack 14.8.2013 WiN-XFORCE


New Blue Plugins super package 14.8.2013


Audio Scrubbers
Clean up sound, adjust volume and repair audio tracks in video footage with ease. Professional VST PLUGINS-compatible sound editing.
Audio Equalizers
Powerful audio filters adjust low, high and mid tones in audio tracks using NewBlue Audio Equalizers audio plugin filters.Audio Essentials
Create sound effects such as echo, chorus and reverb with Audio Essentials. Perfect for top-grade, VST PLUGINS-compatible audio editing.

Audio Tools
Expand and compress tones and improve overall sound quality with powerful, VST PLUGINS-compatible audio effects tools.

Sound Benders
Create underwater, alien, phone, radio and distorted sound effects easily with this set of creative audio plugins.

Sampler super package
NewBlue Sampler super package includes 10 best-selling video effects and scene transitions. These powerful and easy-to-use plugins represented as the perfect starter set.

Eliminate shaky video footage and smooth camera jitters with this powerful plugin.

Flash Remover Pro
Distinguish your ability to film live events by removing unwanted camera flash with this easy to use plugin.

Mark the Release: XFORCE | Date: 14 August 2013 | Size: 128.65 MB

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