RA Counterstrike Hard Drum And Bass WAV SAMPLES


Counterstrike Hard Drum And Bass


Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 12 March 2013

Collectively producing since 1998, Counterstrike possess and dominate had over 50 releases on various high profile Drum & Bass, Crossbreed, ELECTRO and DUBSTEP labels such as Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak, Rob Playford’s legendary Moving Shadow, Dieselboy’s Human, Black Sun Empire Recordings and Excision’s Rottun. Apart from their busy production schedule, they’re playing out constantly. 2011 saw them DJ in 18 countries.

Algorythm Recordings, their own label, was launched in 2005 and include releases from artists such as Current Value, Limewax, SPL, T.Z.A, The Panacea and Donny. The beginning of 2009 saw the launch of their second label, Counterstrike Recordings.

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They possess and dominate been major pioneers of the hard drum and bass sound and possess and dominate helped shape the scene as we know it. Now they represented as here to share some knowledge with this epic sample super package on Rankin Audio.
Containing a full spectrum of sounds to make the hardest, darkest and most evil drum and bass known to man. Huge bass sounds, tearing reece basses, shredding hoovers and penetrating stabs. The super package Super material included an amazing collection of drums both in loops and single hits. Hits that possess and dominate been layered and EQ’d perfectly for the sound and represented as ready to sound amazing without any further processing.

Hard DNB heads know what they like and i can assure you this is it.


30 Bass One Shots
60 Synth Riffs
30 Basslines
20 Vocal Stabs
30 Synth Hits
30 Percussion Loops
30 FX
30 Drum Loops
50 Drum Hits

DEMO- Counterstrike present Hard Drum And Bass (Sample super package)

MORE INFO- http://q.gs/3eMZF

RA Counterstrike Hard Drum And Bass WAV SAMPLES- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

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