Dubstep Gladiators 2 MULTiFORMAT SAMPLES

Dubstep Gladiators 2


Riding an apocalyptic storm of intense audio carnage, Dubstep Gladiators II is split into 4 folders of Bass Loops, Drums & One-Shots, Synth Loops & SFX all in razor sharp 24-bit High Definition clarity.
It’s time to win over the Dubstep Empire with the brawling attack of Dubstep Gladiators II! We’ve nurtured a fresh collection of raging audio elements to add to your sonic army. Snatched from PL’ filthy bass farm and processed through a series of strengthening tasks, this dutty new Dubstep super package will drop the warrior’s roar into your productions!
This colossal collection of nasty Dubstep treats evolved from our previous mix-conqueror Dubstep Gladiators II and unleashes an even stronger selection of bloodthirsty bass, slicing synths, bruising kicks, snares, rides and hats, tremor-inducing sub bass, pummelling percussion and an unruly battalion of sonorous SFX. If you’re looking acclaim, this vicious Dubstep sound library will command the applause you’ve been fighting for.

Strutting into the centre of the Dubstep arena with 426MB of fresh content, Dubstep Gladiators II is ready to rumble with XX individual samples, each mastered at a sublime 24-bit High Definition sample rate and each with its own agenda to draw your mix in exciting new directions. Browse 4 folders of Bass Loops, Drums & One-Shots, Synth Loops & SFX, drag your samples straight from the download folder and drop them straight into any major DAW for swift automatic syncing with your mix! From squelching synth bass to rumbling sub bass and massive kicks to frantic rises and a wealth of defective buzz, this ultimate Dubstep sound super package will give your productions the unrivalled strength to reign supreme!

DISCOVER | 02 FEBRUARY 2014 | 1.04GB

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So if you’re ready to pick a fight with the sonic forces of Dubstep, you’d better make sure you’re equipped for battle! Dubstep Gladiators II will provide an abundance of bass-twisting brawn so all you need to do is orchestrate the attack. This mercenary Dubstep super package is supplied completely royalty free so you rip up those sample clearance forms like a true warrior!

• Apple Loops
• Rex2 Loops
• Reason Refill
• Ableton Live super package
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