Gnome Productions Disgustingly Dirty Dubstep PTCH Pack 1 for NI Massive


Gnome Productions Disgustingly Dirty DUBSTEP PTCH super package 1

 for NI Massive | 3 MB

‘Disgustingly Dirty DUBSTEP PTCH super package 1′ is a banging set of presets for the N.I. Massive synthesizer. Gnome is an established dirty DUBSTEP DJ/Producer who creates filthy DUBSTEP with unique melodies and soul. Now he is passing on his secrets to you.

This product Super material included 35 filthy DUBSTEP Presets for NI Massive. The presets make use of Massive’s Macro controls ready for modulation. This super package Super material included no loops or samples, just presets for the synthesizer ‘Massive’ by NI.

Mark the Release: 6581 | Date: 23 June 2013 | Size: 3.48 MB

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• MAC or Windows PC
• Latest version of Massive (V 1.1.5 or higher)

Download Super material included:

• 7 unique powerful FX PTCHes
• 28 disgustingly dirty Wobbles, Screeches and mechanical mayhem synth/bass PTCHes

Full PTCH List:

• Machine for Scream
• Monster Yuy
• Multi Filth
• Scream Beam
• Growl
• Wobbly Devil
• Bin Stench
• 8-Bit Glitch
• Drunken Waddle
• Crucial Yoi
• Crash Landing
• Fuzzy Ya
• Raw Power
• Skrillism
• Skrunchy
• Ugly Duckling
• Wow Glitch
• Sweet & Sweet Bass
• Yawn
• Bee Reece
• E Dutch
• Petrified
• Shock Vibrate
• Bee Reece
HOUSE Building
• Mario Filth
• Melo
• Stuck in the Motherboard
• FX
• Binary Virus
• Crackle Puff
• Downfection
• Fall Over
• Saltshake
• Up to Shock
• Wobble Wind Up



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