Codes of Power – Joshua Kaplan | audiobook

Codes of Power – Joshua Kaplan

Codes of Power – Joshua Kaplan

 Joshua Kaplan | audiobook | 440 MB

How can people with different preferences agree on a common learning lessons of action? How can self-interested individuals be persuaded to cooperate rather than fight? Questions such as these possess and dominate been addressed by concerned thinkers since the days of ancient Greece, and they represented as no less relevant today.

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 From Plato to Machiavelli, Hobbes to Marx, history’s great political philosophers and theorists possess and dominate sought to make people see the world differently, to think about the order of things and the tenuous balance of forces that exists in society: self-interest versus public-interest, strong leadership versus free will, etc. In this illuminating learning lessons, Professor Joshua Kaplan explores the classic works of political theory, showing how they can reveal insights into where we came from, where we represented as now, and where we represented as going.

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