Computer Music Issue 202 April 2014 CONTENT DVD

Computer Music Issue 202 April 2014


We take the confusion out of compression, explain expansion, and much more in our easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide! Learn how dynamics processors really work and how to get great results from them every time.

08/03/2014 | 4.3 GB

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You’ll learn about:
What all those controls on your compressor actually do!
How to select the right compressor and dial in its settings without fuss
Sidechaining and parallel compression
Frequency-conscious dynamics and multiband processing
Reducing background noise with expanders and noise gates
Adding snap and body with transient shapers

The content DVD Includes the following:

– Enzyme CM – PC/Mac instrument based on scanned synthesis

– 1.8 GB of Twisted Tools samples, plus CM Bonus Analogue samples

– All the files you need to follow the tutorials in the magazine

– Step by step video guides to our tutorials

– An best selected suite of amazing instrument and effect plugins (Alchemy Player CM, CM Plugins – PC, CM Plugins – Mac)



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