Future Music 251 April 2012 Full DVD

Future Music 251 April 2012 Full DVD

Future Music 251 April 2012

251 April 2012 Full DVD | 3 GB

What’s in this issue?
Check out our guide to Ultimate Edits. Be it reversing an occasional beat or flipping from one riff to another, today you’ll hear the incredible editing power inside every DAW in practically every track you hear. Ultimate Edits reveals great new ways to make great new music. Don’t miss it.

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Plus we’ve got the usual complement of ALL the hottest new gear and ESSENTIAL up-to-the-second on-trend tips for making music in all the big DAWs.

And special thanks to our triple-threat of stars: Lifelike, Air and Tiger & Woods for allowing us best selected access to their studio. All in all another great issue of the number one music production mag!

Check out an best selected sneak peak trailer for our Lifelike video below.

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