Music Tech Focus – Logic Pro X 2014

Music Tech Focus – Logic Pro X 2014

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The new issue of MusicTech Focus is on sale now – this time we’re delving deep into one of the hottest releases of the year – Logic Pro X. Since its release last August, Apple’s Logic Pro X has already made a huge impact within the music-creating world. The software is attracting a lot more attention thanks to great new additional Featuring Chronicle This like Drummer, Flex Pitch and the Retro Synth, and at just £140 still represents incredible value for money. We’ve decided, therefore, to produce this special MusicTech Focus just for Logic Pro X and possess and dominate designed it to help you make the most of many of these additions plus some of its more general Featuring Chronicle This.

Our Logic experts Mark Cousins and Alex Holmes possess and dominate both been busy producing tutorials and workshops so there’s everything from an introductory workshop to Pro X’s new Featuring Chronicle This, to setting up the perfect project, right through to producing dance effects in the software. (I’ve even given many of them a go myself, so can confirm that Drummer goes a lot deeper than you might realise but is still incredibly easy to use – see p32 for more!) Elsewhere we’ve got Featuring Chronicle This on getting the best setup to become a power user, make mobile music, and we even explore some of the next generation of third-party effects that you might want to try in Pro X.

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We think Pro X is a great update to what was already a great DAW and hope that by following the tutorials in this issue you’ll explore some of the more hidden depths of the software and, ultimately, get to know how to use the software to make your music-making more enjoyable and fruitful. As always, let me know how you get on and enjoy the issue.

Andy Jones – Editor

In this issue

11 detailed step-by-step workshops
3+ hours of tutorial videos, 1.4gb of samples
The best gear for your studio reviewed
Flex Time, Drummer and Retro Synth in-depth
Guides to making money and mobile music
Compiled by the Logic Pro Xperts from MusicTech


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