Music Tech Magazine – June 2014

Music Tech Magazin

 June 2014

This Months’ MusicTech Magazine
DIY Tech – Build your own studio gear for a fraction of the cost! From cables to pre amps: do it yourself.
How To Record Part 2– The gear and the skills you need to record lead vocals
Korg MS20 Kit – The first of our DIY projects is a great one – Korg’s classic synth!
Contemporary Music Production – In this new series Mike Hillier guides you through today’s cutting edge production techniques.
Bjork’s Homogenic – Andy Price explores the making of Icelandic experimentalist Bjork’s outstanding Homogenic
Reviews – Under the spotlight this month include Nord’s Lead A1, EZ Drummer 2, Universal Audio’s Apollo Twin and many more…
Tutorials – Become a power user part 10 – in Logic Pro, Ableton Live and Steinberg’s Cubase
Advance – Abbey Road – This month we were invited along to the first of a new series of talks exploring Abbey Road’s history and legacy!

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