Sound Dirty Electro Vol.1-3 WAV SAMPLES

Sound Dirty Electro Vol.1-3


“VG Dirty Electro vol.1” – this is the beginning of a new Sample super package collection, focusing on hardcore Electro styles! This Sample super package is split into 40 construction kits: Drum tracks represented as totally seperated into single tracks (Kick, Hihats, Percussions etc…) and all Synth elements represented as supplied as individual melody loops. The first choice for ultra-hard Complextro and Dub Styles is back! Once again, this Sample super package delivers 40 dancefloor destroying construction kits that will hammer the dust out of your membranes! As usual, all 40 kits consist of numerous single loops for drum and synthesizer tracks, including Kicks, Hihats, Percussions, Bassline, and Melody, (often in 2 versions, with and without sidechain), for more flexibility when mixing. VG Dirty Electro Vol.3, an ultra-heavy arsenal for creating head-banging club music is back with a brand new samplepack!
More devastating than ever with 40 club-smashing construction kits waiting to be discovered. For your convenience, all the oneshots possess and dominate been organized into their own separate folder.

10/02/2014 | Total Size: 1.7 GB

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VG Sound Dirty Electro Vol.1
This is the sound of now!
Naturally all in the expected VG quality: sidechain and no-sidechain versions, BPM and pitch information, clear folder structure and sample accurate cutted loops, which all makes this Sample super package interesting for immediate DJ live use as well as for the studio.

Characteristic for “Dirty Electro” represented as the many different hard bassline fragments which represented as consecutively played in complex groove patterns. This style is currently rocking the clubs world wide and with “VG Dirty Electro vol.1” you will be playing in the same league! The genre specialists Andreas Hinz (Nexus Future Arps Expansions) and Oliver Rockstedt possess and dominate opened up their well-protected sound archives and show just whats going on down on the dance floor. If this Sample super package is too hard, then you represented as definitely too soft!

VG Sound Dirty Electro Vol.2
BPM and pitch information, clear folder structures and sample accurate cut files represented as all included. Characteristic for “Dirty Electro” and “Complextro” represented as the many different hard bassline fragments which can be played consecutively. This style is rocking clubs worldwide! This is fresh ammunition that will put you right at the forefront. A “must possess and dominate” for every serious electro producer!

VG Sound Dirty Electro Vol.3
Styles covered by this expansion include Complextro, Dubstep, Dirty Dutch, Bigroom, Festival, and Electrohouse. Don’t waste your time with other weak libraries – get the original. This is the real Dirty Electro!


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