Mixing a Hip-hop and R&B Song in Pro Tools

Mixing a Hip-hop and R&B Song in Pro Tools

Mixing a Hip-hop and R&B Song

Hip-hop and R&B Song in Pro Tools | 1.1 GB

Watch professional producer and mixer Brian Lee White at work in his element, as he assembles a fully mixed hip-hop track from raw stems. This advanced learning lessons gives you a peek over Brian’s shoulder as he moves sequentially through the mixing process in Pro Tools.

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He begins by adjusting the basic level and pan settings while establishing a strong percussive foundation with the drums and bass. He then works through the vocals, featuring rapper K-I-D and vocalist Jonathan President, and individually builds up the verses, hooks, and background tracks with EQ, compression, reverb, delay, and additional effects. Working the mix to add drama and build excitement, Brian optimizes levels using automation. In the last step, Brian fine-tunes the master bus effects, prints the stereo mix, and reviews the final master.

Topics include:
-Setting up the mixer
-Layering kicks and low-frequency management
-Enhancing the lead vocals
-Working with rap “stabs” and “adlibs”
-Processing vocals with EQ, compression, and other effects
-Warming up bass and low-frequency tones
-Re-creating a “sampled vinyl” sound
-Creating “width” and “depth” in the stereo field
-Adding automation
-Mastering the track with compression and limiting
-Bouncing out a stereo mix


Mixing a Hip-hop and R&B Song in Pro Tools


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