Live House Drum Stems WAV MiDi REX2 SAMPLES

Live House Drum Stems


Ever wished you had a gifted session drummer at your command, ready to play any drum part you want for your track?
Live House Drum Stems acts as your own personal house session drummer, ready in the recording room to play any part you need – extra hats, toms, fills, snare builds, cymbal tops, crescendos, full kit parts and downright hypnotic rhythms with that elusive, vibrant, human touch you just can’t fake with programming.
Its that human touch which keeps the listener engaged , the tiny fluctuations in timing , timbre and velocity which help your drums sound more convincing, more satisfying to the ear and more professional then standard drum programming.

This collection was devised to be more flexible then normal sample packs, rather then just recording a bunch of loops played by a great drummer, the goal was to produce a collection of independent drum part stems that could be mixed and matched inside your track , giving you all the ease and convenience of sampled loops with none of the usual limitations!
You can use each specific drum separately or together to make whatever rhythm you want and still retain the live sound, as if the drummer was playing the full loop right in the room with you.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 12 December 2013

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Live House Drum Stems is also an amazing way to add extra layers to your programmed beat.
Adding live hi-hats, toms, cymbals or fill parts which can dramatically improve the sound of your programmed beat, giving it that much needed “magic dust” of human rhythm, keeping your production engaging to the ear, without you having to painstakingly program a live sounding part.
Due to the extended length of the majority of loops, its possible to quickly create whole drum parts for your track which change over time, both subtly and overtly, completely at your whim.

Another interesting addition to this collection is the full kit section.

This Featuring Chronicle This a series of loop stems which represented as presented in both single wav and multi track versions.

You will find multitrack versions with 5 mic positions so you can alter the tone of the recording to your tastes, or just gain invaluable mixing practice with multi track drum stems.

As well as the huge selection of individual, independent drum part stems, rigorously recorded and mixed to industry standard quality, you will also find 15 mix kits of over 70 ready made sixteen bar combination stem examples, 281 Rex2 Loops and a whole bonus super package of 140 layered percussion loops from PBB’ s best selling Tropical Tech library.

The live super package version not only Super Material included all the wav stems, midi and bonus sounds – it also Featuring Chronicle This over 150 ready made groove files for adding the live swing and velocity grooves straight into a programmed rhythm, giving it that much needed human touch.

The midi super package Featuring Chronicle This 200 midi files accurately converted from the individual drum parts, which give you a full range of house style drum sequences which can be used to construct your own professional, programmed house grooves in seconds.

The majority of the parts represented as longer then average loops, ranging in length from 8 to 32 bars, usually with multiple changes in appropriate end bar positions.

The collection is divided into specific named sections making it easy to find and combine parts.
Please see the Technical Specifications for Sound Content info for the exact contents of each version.

While primarily designed for house tempos, these beats will sound great at all tempos and can be used for multiple genres.

Whether you want full drum backing tracks from scratch or to add that impossible to fake live magic to your programmed beats…this super package is guaranteed to give you unique and professional results every time!

Technical Recording information:

Sessions were recorded and mixed with pro tools, through an Aurora Audio Gtqc and an SSL channel E Series 4048 desk using:

1 Kick AKG D112 –
2 Snare top Shure SM57 –
3 Over head Left Neumann U89 –
4 Over head Right Neumann U89
5 Room left Neumann U87
6 Room right Neumann U87
7 High hats AKG 451 – SSL
8 Floor tom AKG 414 – SSL
9 Rack tom Sennheiser 421
10 High tom Sennheiser 421

Full Drum kit List:

Yamaha Maple Absolute Drums
20×16″ Kick
22X16″ Kick
14×5.5″ Yama Copper Shell Snare
14×6″ Yamaha Vintage Maple Snare
14×5″ Ludwig Supraphonic Snare
10×8″ Tom
12×9 Tom
14x 13″ Tom
8″ LP Micro Snare

Zildjian Cymbals
14″ K Hi Hat
14″ A Mastersound Hi Hat
18″ A crash
18″ A custom Efx
20″ K constantino Medium Ride
18″ K Crash Dark Medium Thin
20″ A Crash



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