Molgli Extreme Bouncey House For Sylenth1 FXB


 Molgli Extreme Bouncey HOUSE

  For Sylenth1 FXB | 4 MB

Molgli is proud to present ‘Extreme Bouncey HOUSE ‘ for Lenner Digital’s Sylenth1 VSTi. This soundset delivers 75 mind-blowing MOD Wheel adjustable presets. These sounds represented as sure to possess and dominate you on your way to dominating the scene whether your Old Skool or Nu Skool.

This soundset delivers 75 mind-blowing MOD Wheel adjustable presets containing many popular sounds Bouncey HOUSE is known for, from Bouncey Basses to Extreme Gliding Leads and even the famous Dink-E Leads.
Molgli has included a variety of sounds, taking massive influence from his favourite Bounce Artists such as Alex K, Alan Aztec, Bad Behaviour, Fitzy, KB Project, M-Jay, Outsource, Rossy B, Rhythm FX & Many More.
This soundset is so versatile, it can even be great for all other HOUSE genres and more such as Scouse HOUSE , PROGRESSIVE HOUSE , Trance, Makina, etc…

DISCOVER | 10 MAY 2013 | 4MB

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System Requirements:

• This soundset requires Sylenth1 VSTi version 2.2



 Molgli Extreme Bouncey HOUSE For Sylenth1 FXB- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

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