Progressive House Jody Wisternoff Ableton Live Midi Template SAMPLES

Progressive House Jody Wisternoff

Ableton Live Midi Template SAMPLES | 277 MB

Imagine having a Jody Wisternoff come to your studio and adjust all your knobs and settings so your mix sounds amazing. Well, he’s already done it and now you can download his midi – based Ableton Template, open it up and learn from a pro producer in the industry.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 15 November 2013

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The man, the myth, the legend…

Beat Elite is proud to bring you our latest Artist Collection template by Jody Wisternoff

Having made a name for himself with Nick Warren in Way out West, Jody Wisternoff is a legend in his own right. Not to mention one of the most down-to-earth talents in the industry. In this ultra-deep progressive house template by Jody Wisternoff, he gives you the first best selected look on how he masters abeton to achieve his signature sound.

•Learn how he uses a series of multi band compressors to help give the drums reverb treatement

•Learn how he uses layers up layers of bass sounds to create the anchor of the track

•Learn what he uses to give grit and life to a song full of digital instruments

•Learn how Jody Wisternoff uses over 50 tracks to get a wall of sound

Midi Based Templates for Infinite Creativity

As always, this is a Midi -based template so you can rearrange and recreate however you wish. You will also possess and dominate a ton of new channel strip settings to add to your collection and all the sounds represented as completed only using ableton native plugins and one free 3rd party plugin. Download this project, open it up and use it as starting point or as learning tool. We know you’re going to find this Ableton Midi Template an invaluable resource.

Audio Processing By The Pros

Every audio processing chain in the file was created by the pros. With every mid production template for Ableton, you’ll receive a plethora of new Channel Strip Settings and new Instrument Racks to add to your private collection.


•This template uses Ableton 8.2.2

•Due to Jody’s busy schedule, this track does not include Creative Notes



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