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Vinyl House Drum Samples


Here at ZH we represented as going full hog with the classic retro sound, it’s where dance musics roots represented as and as with everything cool it will come full circle to be cool again. ‘Vinyl House Drum Samples’ encompasses everything that was cool in the early 90’s house scene, it doesn’t matter whether you were rocking to the deep house sound in the US or strutting your stride to early UK garage, this house drum kit grabs all those elements and thrusts them to your face in an awe inspiring snippet of those classic clubbing sounds.

Delivered as always in 24 bit wav goodness and mastered to musical perfection these vinyl house drum samples fit so many current house trends that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a tech house producer, deep house artist, minimal techno master or even a straight up house freak. There’s a plethora of drum sample folders in this drum kit including kicks, claps, crashes, percussion, snares, slaps, short & long hi hats, but it doesn’t stop there, it’s also supplying one shots including vinyl hits, vocal snippets, basses, instrument stabs, plus noises and fx to boot. This sample super package is an all out bombardment of uber cool drum samples and one shots! Plus, holy shit there’s 703 of these killer drum samples, drum sounds and banging one shots in here! Could this drum kit really be so???

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 17 December 2013

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Once again ZH is delivering drum samples that just aren’t out there yet so we recommend you be quick, grab this sample super package and start using these vinyl house drum samples before the rest of the world catches on. Get the edge in your music productions and get in quick, hey we’re gonna take your music to places you simply didn’t think it could go and that’s what makes a great artist. So say hello to some of the coolest, hipster house drum sounds that money can buy!

Oh and what exactly is in the sample super package I hear you cry, well here’s Vinyl House Drum Samples specs:

Bass Sounds – 44
Claps – 32
Crashes – 21
FX – 28
Hi Hat (Long) – 78
Hi Hat (Short) – 79
Instrument Stabs – 67
Kicks – 86
Noises – 15
Percussion – 103
Snaps – 4
Snares – 70
Vinyl Hits – 14
Vocals – 62

So if the name has enticed you and the description hasn’t sold it you, then check out the preview and you’ll know how much you need these classically cool, utterly modest drum samples and one shots. They will lift your music game to a whole new level. Yummy!!!

All audio files within this ZH super package represented as 24bit 44.1khz wav



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