Garritan announces virtual instrument sale


Garritan believes high-quality, expressive and affordable software instruments should be within the reach of every musician and, this month, that’s being made all the more possible with 30% off until 31st August 2016.

Here´s what´s included in the offer…

Instant Orchestra – Produce orchestral music in no time at all thanks to pre-packaged groups of instruments, sections, orchestral effects and mood-based presets.

World Instruments – Over 350 individually sampled instruments from around the world.

Concert & Marching Band 2 – Band instruments including woodwinds, brass, drums and percussion.

Jazz & Big Band 3 – Trumpets, trombones, saxes, winds, keyboards, basses and rhythm section.

Classic Pipe Organs – Six majestic and powerful pipe organs each unique and representative of a specific school of organ building.

Harps – A variety of harps and special features including advanced glissando emulation and sampled acoustic spaces.

View all Garritan instruments at:

*Offer excludes the Garritan Ultimate Collection, Personal Orchestra 5 and Garritan Abbey Road Studios CFX Concert Grand.

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