Diginoiz releases ‘Magic Pop Drums’

Ladies and gentleman, Diginoiz is proud to present their new product containing live pop drum loops. Played by a professional drum player on different types of drums with attention to details, nice groove and sound! You will find here 77 live drum loops. Played using several different drum sets. Every drum set has several different variation of loops (from 2 to 7) so you will be able to build whole tracks thanks to our product. You will find chorus parts, verse parts and fills. Everything that you need!



‘Magic Pop Drums’ contains 77 loops, 193 Mb material (24-bit WAV) ready to use in your favorite sampler or sequencer, both hardware and software, including: Logic, GarageBand, Soundtrack, Digital Performer, Sony Acid, Ableton Live, Adobe Audition, Cakewalk Sonar, Pro Tools, Emagic EXS24 and many more.


Every purchase you make is contains 1 Zip (171 Mb after zip compression),

Wav 24-bit

  • 77 loops (24-bit WAV)


More information, free audio demo & demo pack visit:


iZotope RX Plugin-Pack

iZotope RX Plug-in Pack – save over 60% for a very limited time

Don’t settle for second-rate audio…

Recording your music or vocals in the spare room? Using your phone to capture interviews for your next podcast? iZotope´s RX Plug-in Pack is an essential collection of plug-ins designed to treat the most common audio issues for those working in less than ideal recording scenarios. Right now it’s extremely affordable with over 60% for one week only!

Taken directly from the company’s award winning RX 5 software, the RX Plug-in Pack consists of De-click, De-hum, De-clip, and Dialogue De-noise plug-ins – the essential tools for cleaning up audio and avoiding the need to re-record.

  • Reduce background noise, amp hum, clicks, and other sudden sounds captured when recording voice or instruments.
  • Don’t lose the flow of an inspired performance: remove clipping from a vocal recording that got hotter than expected.
  • Salvage noisy tracks that were headed for the trash: filter out line hum, buzzes, ground loops, or other unwanted sounds when it’s too late to re-track.

An ideal entry point into the world of RX, RX Plug-in Pack is available to go now for just £38.95 until 28th March (normally £99.95).

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