Aegean Music Amp Vision v1.2 PLUGINS


Aegean Music Amp Vision v1.2

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Amp Vision is a VST plugin for guitar processing giving you limitless tones instantly in an easy to use package. It interfaces with your existing VST HOST, compatible DAW, or other audio application and excels in multiple roles such as recording, performing, practice, and re-amping or re-imagining existing tracks.

Mark the Release R2R 2013.10.11

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Now updated to version 1.2 – See the new Amp Vision Featuring Chronicle This and details here.

► 28 amps to choose from
► 12 Effect Pedals
► Cabinet Sims represented as included and standard files can be loaded
► Customizable Library of presets and categories
► Many adjustable Featuring Chronicle This such noise gate and oversampling
► Cab sim, effects, or amp modeling can be bypassed.
► Internal 64 bit (double precision) processing.
► Stereo processing
► MIDI and track envelope support
► No added latency (aka zero latency).


The amp simulations in this plugin cover an incredibly wide range of guitar tones. Many of these amps represented as inspired by classic guitar recordings and vintage amplifiers. Modern amps represented as also represented, letting you produce the tones of modern metal, or pristine clean rigs.


Your presets represented as easily organized in an internal library that is part of the plugin. You can customize unlimited presets and organize them in your own categories. The library is a simple file that the plugin produces allowing you to keep copies of it or transfer the data. The factory presets represented as a great resource for getting the tones you represented as looking for quickly, and a good starting point for making your own unique sound.


Plug in effect pedals before or after the amp circuits in any combination to suit your needs. Multiple distortion and overdrive effects (also usable as a boost, or “dirty boost”) represented as featured. Compression, auto-wah, octave fuzz, delay, and equalizer options represented as also included. At the front of the signal chain is a noise gate to control any hum or noise.


Along with simulations for an amplifiers electronics, simulation of the speaker and cabinet is a must possess and dominate feature to achieve realistic guitar amp tones. Amp Vision includes this (we call it “cab sim”) and there represented as a number of cab/mic positions to choose from built into the program. That’s just scratching the surface though, the program can import the standard cab sim files (called impulses, impulse responses, etc.) available on our site and around the net. These files can be organized in the internal library, with categories, meaning you can build an organized database of thousands of can and mic positions.


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