AOM Plugins Pack v1.6.1 VST x86 x64

x86 x64 VST Plugins super package    ProAudioZ

AOM Plugins super package v1.6.1 VST x86 x64

53 MB

tranQilizr – the most transparent equalizer ever

Invisible Limiter – a transparent mastering limiter

Stereo Imager D – stereo image manipulation

Wave Shredder – waveform destruction

Rate Reducer is a zero-order hold rate reducer.

CHAOS | Oct 06 2013 | 53.21 MB

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New Featuring Chronicle This and enhancements
[Invisible Limiter] Long-term maximum reduction amount display
[tranQuilizr]Increase contrast of band highlight on hovering

Bug fixes
[Invisible Limiter Windows VST] Decibel display of input gain gets corrupted partially
[tranQuilizr AAX] Plugin crashes randomly
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