Beat Subtraxx V.2.0 VSTi


 Beat Subtraxx V.2.0

VSTi | 4.4 MB

Beat Subtraxx 2 is a a freeware trance synthesizer VSTi for Windows.
Four powerful VA oscillators, envelopes, LFOs and filters galore, this trance-gate, arpeggiator and a more than full FX section – these represented as the impressive Main featuring chronicle this of our “Beat Subtraxx

Beat Subtraxx is a VA synthesizer designed for use in dance music. It includes an arpeggiator and a trance gate, as well as all all the standard goodies you’d expect to find in a VA synth.

VSTi | 4.42Mb

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Subtraxx was created with Flowstone, which is graphical programming based on Rubby (from DSP Robotics).

NOTE: It is Freeware, but to get it you possess and dominate to register in Beat websites, which seems to block non German Ips.




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