CWI TX16Wx Professional v2.2.3 MAC OSX-Xdb


CWI TX16Wx Professional v2.2.3

MAC OSX-Xdb | 10.4 MB

TX16Wx Professional is the commercial expansion of the TX16Wx. It adds many advanced featuring chronicle this and capabilities to the instrument, making the already great sampler even more awesome. Built-in effects, signal routing, trigger switching and the unique and revolutionary wave matrix gives you limitless power at an almost indiscernible price.

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Version 2.2.3 (2013-07-27)

OSX version now again supports MacOS 10.
Added “goto” buttons with automatic zoom for wave and loop start/end
Added looped preview playback of samples in sample editor
Added drag and drop “replace” wave mappings
Added copy/replace loops between samples
Added Key/P and Vel/P modulation sources (program range based)
Made filter lowest frequency 20hz
Manual can now be opened from the plug-in
Zooming using mouse wheel now keeps note/sample focus correctly
Sample editor can now scale waveform amplitude display
Scrolled views can now be dragged using the middle mouse
Scrolled views now respond to “drag gestures”
Fixed scrollbars getting to small for extreme zoom-in
Fixed key switcher “Sequence/R” now working correctly
Fixed regression: VST PLUGINS Speaker layout handling not working properly
Fixed regression: Parameter names truncated in viewer
Fixed amplitude/volume modulation not working as expected
Improved list selection and usage
Fixed loop metadata reading from wav slightly broken for some files
Improved layout handling for small sized UI




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