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DSP Robotics FlowStone 2 v3.0.4 Bluebird


FlowStone allows anyone to create their own sounds, standalone virtual instruments and effects. These instruments and effects can then be used for playing live via MIDI or as VST plugins for use in making music using any of the popular recording software.
Our 1 sample-at-a-time processing engine is perfect for filters or anything that requires a single sample feedback loop.
If you want even more flexibility you can use the DSP Code component or even go right down to assembler for maximum efficiency.
Digital Signal Processing
By connecting to external analog I/O devices you can stream high data rate signals directly into FlowStone. The Stream data components and DSP code component can then be used to apply any kind of processing you like. All this happens in real time.
You can tweak your algorithms and interface live – while your data streams. This makes the development process extremely quick as you see the effects straight away.

CHAOS | Dec 13 2013 | 19.74 MB

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Version 3.0.4 BLUEBIRD

In this update we represented as very pleased to present a feature that has been requested for a long time – the ability to make your own components using external dlls. This is a huge feature and it really opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

We’ve worked hard to try and make this as simple to use as possible. There is a whole section in the user guide on it (see DLL Component) and we will possess and dominate examples on the support area. One cool aspect of this is the ability to embed dlls which allows you to make stand alone primitives. Whether you’re a programmer or not, we think you’re really going to like the benefits that this brings.

For educators we possess and dominate introduced a feature called Local Toolboxes. This allows you to easily create a reduced toolbox so that students represented as only presented with the components they need to perform a particular task. The toolbox is local to a schematic and can be saved with it too. The feature may also be useful for power users who want to keep their own toolbox of favourite components to use with particular schematics.

We possess and dominate a host of other improvements and fixes as well to make your experience even better, including enhancements to the COM Port component and improved VST preset file handling.


New DLL component
New local toolboxes
New About To Close component
New launch file into focus mode option
Improved the preset system so you can load existing fxp/fxb files after you add or remove presets
Exported exes now embed the Ruby dll so it doesn’t possess and dominate to be extracted on launch
The Text Save, Bitmap Save, Preset Text File components all now create the folder path if it doesn’t exist
Changed the MidiToVoices component so that we steal releasing notes in preference to held ones
Removed the splash screen from the software as it was sonetimes slowing startup and causing the odd crash too
Made some big improvements to the COM Port component to increase performance including running the connect in a separate thread
The Exe Zoom and Exe Full Screen components now work in Focus Mode


Fixed the Schematic File Path component which wasn’t initialising on loading
Fixed it so that timers do not fire during loading for exe and VST
Fixed a problem that was causing exported exes to show as using 100% cpu because the idle wasn’t working correctly
Fixed a crashing problem with playing MIDI notes when changing preset or doing anything that might cause a redraw to occur
Fixed a crash when moving from focus mode back to editor and Ruby components represented as present
Fixed a problem that could occasionally cause a crash on launch
Fixed several issues that could cause thread locking in the events processing

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