E-Lab Obsession VSTi RTAS AU v1.5


 E-Lab Obsession

VSTi RTAS AU v1.5 | 3.4 GB

Based on e-LABs unique i.v.i. engine, OBSESSION defines new standards for loopbased Virtual Instruments, giving you total tempo independance, creative freedom with separated drum loop parts and realtime playback control, effectively removing all limitations of handling drumloops.

With the blurring of lines between software instruments and CD sample libraries, a new class of instrument seems to possess and dominate emerged, dedicated not to a particular type of synthesis or sound, but to specific genres of music. One of the best examples of this comes from the Swedish company e-LAB, in the form of Obsession – a VSTi/Audio Units plug-in sample player offering you “smooth and sexy R‘n’B and HIP HOP sounds with Neptunian beats, hyperactive Timbalandish grooves and smooth, lounging MPC loops”

Teams: DELiRiUM, BEAT | Year 2005 | WiN | 3.49 GB

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3.7 GB RnB & HipHop sound library.

Neptunian Live-style beats, hyperactive Timbalandish grooves and smooth and lounging MPC loops. All specifically recorded and produced for Obsession. 3000 drumloops, 5000 drumsamples with the possibility to import external Rex2 files. 8 tracks of simultaneous drumloop playback with an interactive groove system enabling millions of loop combinations. To access professional mixing and editing you get kick, snare, hihat, etc on individual tracks, routed through 8 adressable synthesizers/stereo outputs. To retain state of the art sound quality and realtime tempo stretching of all drumloop parts into any BPM, the i.v.i. engine uses Propellerhead 24 bit Rex2 format.
Three easy-to-use playback modes for truly interactive loop playback.

Preview mode (PRE) with immediate tempo-sync to sequenser; Miditrig mode (TRIG) for intuitive looptriggering with a keyboard and Midifile playback (MIDI) for total groove control of the loop parts.

Flexible stepbutton loading, makes changing loops & sounds a breeze.

Smart sound file selector with an open architecture – import files and access other i.v.i. sound librares.

Flexible editing functions for each individual drumloop track: Volume, Pan, Mute, Solo and Tuning – with adressable stereo outputs.

Extensive loop editing control with 8 separate synthesizer engines: Multimode Resonant Filters (HP, BP, LP); ADSR on both Amp. and Modulation Env; open architechture Modulation Matrix (LFO, Env, Velocity, Mod. Wheel, Filter, Pitch, Pan, Resonance, etc).

Total recall with host on all parameters.

Host automation on 144 parameters.

Low CPU Usage – run multiple Obsessions.



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