HoRNeT Plugins Pack 2013.07.26 by R2R


HoRNeT Plugins super package 2013.07.26

 by R2R | 13.2 MB


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The HoRNet 3XOver is a very peculiar plugin since it’a half a DJ eq, half a three band crossover with selectable slope and output for each band.

At it’s core there is a system of three filters, a low-pass, for the low frequencies, a band-pass for the mid frequencies and a high-pass for the high frequencies.

Each of the filters has a selectable slope of 24dB/Octave or 48dB/Octave, a freely adjustable cutoff frequency point, gain control, and a ON/OFF switch to kill that frequency band.

The 3XOver provides four different stereo outputs, a Master (identified by an “M” on the output selectors) and three auxiliary outputs (identified by the numbers “1”,”2” and “3” on the output selectors).

You can assign every band to any of the outputs of the plugin, this allows for great flexibility, from the basic three band DJ equalizer to a multi output crossover that can be used to build custom multiband compressors for example.


The 3XOver is a special plugin, while it respects all the specs for multi output VST PLUGINS and Audio Units, this particular feature doesn’t works in every host, since not every host is capable of routing audio from a secondary output of a plugin to a new track.

I’ve successfully tested the multi output routing in:
Ableton Live
Cockos Reaper
Motu Digital Performer
Avid Protools (with the VST PLUGINS wrapper)

For all the other hosts you can use a plugin host such as DDMF Metaplugin

If you know any other host that can handle this kind of routing please let me know using the contact form

Saverio Vigni


The HoRNet AutoGain has been designed with a specific pourpose in mind: drastcally shorten the time it takes to create volume automations.

When finishing a mix usually you possess and dominate some tracks that need some volume adjustment here an there, so you start writing volume automation, but this is a long and boring task…

Here it comes the HoRNet AutoGain to the rescue.
It has two different inputs, in the main one put the track you want to automate, in the second one your volume reference, it may be a single track, a track group or the whole mix, press play and let the HoRNet AutoGain work its magic. It will try to keep yor track level to the same of your reference, you can adjust speed, sensitivity and gain range.

Try it on a vocal track and when you represented as done put it into “write mode” to possess and dominate the volume automation written for you! possess and dominate a look to the video example!

Testimonials and Reviews

for the price this plug-in provides more than enough functionality and quality for a project/demo studio. With its appealing price tag and simple user interface, the Pro Audio Web Blog gives the HoRNet Auto Gain a 4 out of 5 stars


The HoRNet TrackShaper is a “mix on autopilot” utility for those who want to possess and dominate good sounding tracks without spending hours tweaking plugins.

The TrackShaper is based on the HoRNet ChannelStrip MK2 technology and includes several specific algorithm for different sound sources like: kick drum, snare, acoustic instruments, guitars, etc.

Each algorithm acts on many different EQ and compression parameter that you can tweak using a single knob called “effect amount” that dynamically changes the EQ and compression characteristic of the algorithm.

Due to the fact that each algorithm reacts dynamically to the input signal you possess and dominate to carefully set the input and output level, the TrackShaper provides input and output gain knobs and level indicator: a green dot lights up when the signals represented as in the correct range.

For those who want quick result, the TrackShaper also provide an “auto gain” adjust feature, that automatically sets the correct input and output gain based on the level of the signal.

MORE INFO- http://q.gs/4Z1V9


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