Korg Legacy Collection Analog Edition VSTi RTAS v1.23 Incl. KGN PLUGINS

Korg Legacy Collection Analog Edition VSTi RTAS v1.23


Virtual Meets Vintage to Bring You Three of the Most Sought After Analog Synths! The KORG Legacy Collection delivers classic Korg synthesizers reborn as software. Taking advantage of the technical know-how uniquely available to the original manufacturer, Korg has received high acclaim for turning some of their most legendary instruments into software while adding modern parameters and up-to-date ideas. Now, joining the KORG Legacy Collection is the awesome Analog Edition ’07.

The classic sounds of the MS-20, PolySix and Mono/Poly are reborn in KLCAE07! Korg’s proprietary Component Modeling Technology recreates not just the sound, but the characteristics and response curve of each aspect of the original analog signal flow, to provide results that are completely faithful to the original hardware.

Mark the Release AiR | 11/2009 | 70.45 MB

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Mono/Poly:Monster Analog Power

The Mono/Poly was a monophonic/polyphonic behemoth that many musicians acclaimed as the best analog synthesizer Korg ever made. And we’ve improved its functionality in software by adding a powerful eight-virtual PTCH matrix for near infinite modulation routing, two integrated multi-effects, 16-voice unison and up to 128 voices. Mono/Poly offer four full banks of rich, fat sounds covering everything from deep basses to soaring leads, fine arpeggiator patterns to riveting soundscapes. And you’ll never get lost looking for sounds, since the Mono/Poly incorporates a simple category select feature.

MS-20:Mishievious Mono Master

This semi-modular monophonic synthesizer has enjoyed unbroken popularity for its thick and solid sound, aggressive filters and inexhaustible patching possibilities. The software MS-20 adds 32-voice polyphony, up to 16-voice unison (with detune/spread) and flexible modulation settings. Call up or create anything from super silky bass lines to incredibly organic, ever-changing leads.

MS-20FX – Audio “Analogized”

Legacy Analog also includes the MS-20FX plug-in. This unique plug in lets you run any external audio source – vocals, guitars, even other synths – through the coveted MS-20 oscillators. The full PTCH bat remains available as well, lending unique modulations to your audio. The only limit is your imagination!

Polysix:Six-Shot Super Synth

The Polysix programmable polyphonic analog synthesizer provided a surprisingly full sounding voice structure and powerful performance functions, quickly becoming a worldwide hit. The Polysix software gives you all the power of the original hardware and then adds the same polyphony, unison and modulation enhancements as the MS-20 – readying this classic for modern music production. Conjure sweeping pads and evolving soundscapes, tremendous unison leads and basses, in the pocket arps and beyond.

Legacy Cell:Join Forces

The MS-20 and Polysix are certainly great on their own, but combine them and you have a new level of synth tools to be reckoned with. Legacy cell houses any combination of the two synths, and lets you layer or split them, add awesome MDEX insert and master effects, and assign full MIDI controllable on-screen parameters to them to create powerhouse performances not possible with single synths.

MDEX Effects Suite Included!

MDE-X is Korg’s multi-effect plug-in providing 19 high quality effect types derived from Korg’s TRITON synthesizers, digital recorders, and legacy of effects processors. MDEX provides a full arsenal of sonic treatments and toys to satisfy all your recording, mixing, sound designing and live performance needs!

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