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Turn your computer into a professional studio! MeldaProduction MTotalBundle is the ultimate collection of effects, and it currently contains 72 of them.
New MTransient included.
MTotalBundle contains all of our effects covering all required tasks: composing, mixing and mastering. With our included free for life updates, any new effect we release moving forward will be free for you! And it takes just a few clicks using our update system…

MeldaProduction has updated all its effect plug-ins to 8.00, providing a new styleable and resizeable GUI engine, GPU acceleration, powerful metering system and more. The MDynamicsLimiter and MMultiBandRhythmizer plug-ins have also been released separately (previously available only in a bundle).

R2R | 2.5.2015 | WiN 111.7 MB | OSX 121.8 MB

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MTotalBundle 8.10 changes:
Attention! Backward compatibility is not guaranteed due to following changes:
1) Oscillator shape “saw” (between “rectangle” and “full saw”) has been replaced by “rect-saw” as this makes more sense and avoids audio quality degradation due to eliminated DC offset.
2) Improved response of MReverb and MMultiBandReverb when predelay specified and source is highly on the right. Change has been made for the sake of better audio quality.

– MDrumLeveler has been released.
– Added drag & drop to MCompare, shortened cross-fade time, displays an error when unable to load a file, added high-pass and low-pass filters, added button to remove file from a slot, customizable number of slots from 1 to 16.
– MCompare could probably crash when changing files (it hasn’t been reported not simulated though).
– Added time graph control buttons to all meter views.
– MOscillator now uses the MPowerSynth’s super antialiasing engine to provide the best possible aliasing-free audio quality.
– Added “Enable keyboard input” option, enabled by default, which lets you disable all keyboard input for main plugin editors (not popups) if collides with your host.
– Added “Silence when playback is ON/OFF” features to MUtility.
– Improved threshold editors in MSpectralDynamics, MCompressor, MDynamics and MMultiBandDynamics.
– Increased time-graph resolution to 0.000001 seconds per pixel and added resolution detection to all relevant timegraphs, which let you automatically detect the input pitch and effectively transform the time graphs to an oscilloscope.
– Plugins are now bypassed during time consuming preparation operations (e.g. loading audio files).
– Improved waveform time graphs.
– Added linear-shape line to MDynamics, MMultiBandDynamics, MSpectralDynamics and MCompressor dynamic shapes.
– Minor improvements to several styles.
– MMultiBandConvolution initialization heavily optimized.
– Added “Tremolo continues in release stage” to all ADSR envelopes.
– Added ultra-slow mode to MAutoVolume.
– Sample view in MCompare can be collapsed.
– Fix: Fixed support for AIFF and MP3 files in MCompare and MMultiBandConvolution.
– Fix: Time graphs could miss maximum.
– Fix: Corrected MAutoAlign knob GUI.
– Fix: MMultiAnalyzer could crash when changed loudness tab mode.
– Fix: MCompare loop locators always shown 0:00.
– Fix: Parameters modulated via multiparameters didn’t update immediately.
– Fix: MEqualizerLinearPhase and MAutoEqualizerLinearPhase equalizers caused a short gap when parameters have been changed.
– Fix: Cmd+C/V didn’t work on Mac OS X.
– Fix: Preset manager sometimes did scrolled illogically in auto-open mode if there were lots of folders.
– Fix: ADSR tremolo is no longer able to reach “below zero” via tremolo.



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