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Faber SignalSuite v4.1.7


Version 4 continues SignalSuite’s tradition of offering tremendous flexibility in an audio test signal generator. The new version adds support for up to two stereo signal generators to be operated simultaneously.

Audio Unit generator support opens up endless possibilities for additional signal types. This includes signals stored in standard audio files, which can be now played within SignalSuite by using the AUAudioFilePlayer plug-in included with Mac OS X. It also opens up the option to play back signals sent across a network from another computer, via the AUNetSend/AUNetReceive plug-ins, which are also included with Mac OS X.

04.10.2014 | Standalone | HEXWARS

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Select any audio output device available in Mac OS X
Select any two output channels on multi-channel audio devices
Choose from all output signal formats supported by the current audio device
Invert polarity on either output channel
Generate any of the following signal types:
Square Wave with arbitrary duty cycle
Triangle Wave
Sawtooth Wave
Random Noise (white or pink)
Maximum Length Sequence, or MLS (white or pink)
Pseudorandom Noise (white or pink), designed for a perfectly flat spectrum with corresponding FFT length
Swept Sine (Chirp) with linear or logarithmic frequency sweep
Optional Swept Cosine signal, phase-locked with Swept Sine
Any signals produced by Audio Unit generator plug-ins
Relative Phase adjustment between the two periodic signals
Independent amplitude adjustment, fine and coarse frequency controls, and pan for periodic signals
Choose upper and lower frequency limits, duration, sweep direction, and repeat of swept sine
Choose any combination of available signal types to be active simultaneously
Master Start/Pause control
Master Volume control
Start or pause SignalSuite from the dock icon popup menu
Save signals of arbitrary duration directly to a standard audio file (AIFF or WAVE format)
Extensive AppleScript support
Multiple panning behaviors



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