PLUGINS-Goodhertz All Plugins Bundle v1.1.5 MacOSX-HEXWARS

Goodhertz All Plugins Bundle v1.1.5


Simple Interfaces & Good Audio.
Goodhertz is an audio software company that currently makes audio plugins and licenses audio algorithms for embedding on the Mac & iOS platforms.

29.04.2015 | AU 64Bit | Mark the Release HEXWARS

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7 Audio Units plug-ins:

CanOpener Studio
Conjure speakers from your headphones.

Vulf Compressor
Beastly compression by Vulf.

Tone Control
Timeless EQ, taken back to the future.

Trem Control
Classic tremolo for the 21st century.

Realtime lossy compression; digital artifacts to taste.

Filter sweeps: lo, hi, & anywhere in between.

New directions in panning.

Mark the Release HEXWARS NOTES:

Goodhertz plug-ins can only be online authorized.
LEGIT plug-ins timebomb after some time, forcing you to update.
We’re sure LEGIT users will love to see:
“This plugin has self-destructed. Download the latest.”
in the middle of an important session with no internet connection on the studio machine.

We no like this bullshit. We PTCH it out. :P
* We disabled the “Logout” button too, so you assholes
don’t click it locking yourself out of the plug and needing a DAW restart :D



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