iZ RX Advanced v2.1.0 Mac OSX-Xdb

iZ RX Advanced v2.1.0 Mac OSX-Xdb

iZ RX Advanced v2.1.0

RX Advanced v2.1.0 Mac OSX-Xdb | 327 MB

IZ RX 2 is the most complete audio repair toolkit on the market, enabling you to remove noise, hiss, buzz and hum, eliminate clicks and crackle, restore clipped audio, visually select and suppress unwanted sounds, resynthesize missing audio and much more.

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RX 2 Advanced Highlights
* Adaptive mode in Denoiser to remove noise that changes over time
* Deconstruct, a new class of audio manipulation for control over noisy and tonal components of sound
* 3rd party plug-in support enabling any processing on spectrogram selections and in Compare and Batch Processing featuring chronicle this
* IZ 64-bit SRC™ for sample rate conversion, MBIT+™ for dithering and IZ Radius® for changing time and pitch
* Time-stamped log creation, essential for forensics and archival documentation
* Spectral Repair multi-resolution mode for more accurate separation of noise and desired content
* Automatic Azimuth alignment and precise sub-sample control of delay for tape restoration

Super material included: Standalone software + Plug-Ins in formats:
AU, VST PLUGINS, VST3, MAS, RTAS [AAX is not included!]
+ Presets.

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