IZ Iris v1.0 VSTi RTAS x86

IZ Iris v1.0 VSTi RTAS x86

IZ Iris v1.0 VSTi RTAS x86

IZ Iris v1.0 VSTi RTAS x86 | 150 MB

CR4CKED | April 21 | 150 MB

Iris is an innovative sampling re-synthesizer that frees you to create sounds that could never before be produced. Start by dissecting up to three distinctive audio samples, using Irisʼs spectrogram display and easy selection tools to spotlight the most interesting spectral characteristics. Blend and layer your modified samples, then beef up their impact with a choice of suboscillator waveforms.

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KEY featuring chronicle this

Discover what’s inside any sound: Load audio into Iris and explore spectral details that a regular waveform locks away.
Highlight what intrigues you: Extract and isolate the most interesting sonic components with a full suite of visual selection tools.
Combine the unthinkable: Layer completely diverse sound sources into totally unique combinations… what do a tattoo needle and a swamp bird and a slot machine sound like together?
Stay musical: Rely on intelligent root note detection to help shape musical material from noise, ambient textures, soundscapes… even mistakes!
Enhance and invigorate your sound: Apply world-class IZ reverbs, distortions and delays, then take advantage of extended synth featuring chronicle this like amp envelopes and LFOs.
Get amazing sounds immediately: Spark your imagination with over 500 PTCHes by world-class sound designers, or design your own with Iris’s 4 GB library of diverse sound samples.

Updated instructions

For the VST PLUGINS2 copy PTCHed dll in your VST PLUGINS folder

For the VST3 one copy to

Program files/Common Files/VST3/IZ

For the RTAS one copy to

Program files/Common Files/Digidesign/DAE/Plug-Ins

Thanks goes to my friend who helped me PTCH the dll

After further testing it seems to work in x64 too

Please test the RTAS PTCH and report back here

It should be working too

Download IZ Iris v1.0 VSTi RTAS x86

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