NI Maschine v1.8.1 UNLOCKED Update

NI Maschine v1.8.1 UNLOCKED Update

NI Maschine v1.8.1 UNLOCKED Update

Maschine v1.8.1 UNLOCKED Update | 320 MB

Create tight rhythms, harmonies and melodies in moments with MASCHINE – the groundbreaking instrument that combines a pattern-based sequencer, professional sampler, multi-effect unit and VST PLUGINS/AU plug-in host with tactile control. Experience a fully creative workflow with the integrated hardware/software system, combining the flexibility of computer-based music production with straightforward, two-handed control for composing, performing, browsing, sampling, slicing, sound-shaping and tweaking effects.

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R2R | 10.2012 | 320 MB


-Time stretch and pitch shift capability: Stretch smoothly from one BPM to another, aided by the automatic BPM detection. Or stretch your audio to a specific length – to fit one sample to the same length as another, for example. What’s more, make your beats match harmonically, by tuning your samples with the pitch shift function.

-Transient Master: Dynamics and mixing effect fully integrated in the MASCHINE 1.8 software. Ideal for positioning drums and percussion, it lets you mix from front to back, giving each sample exactly the right amount of space.

-New Tube, Tape Saturator and Tube Saturator effects: Bring the secrets of analog warmth and natural, harmonic compression to MASCHINE, for even greater sound coloring potential.

-Host transport control: Running the MASCHINE software as a plug-in in your DAW*, use the transport buttons on the MASCHINE hardware to control transport in the host software. Important: Requires the latest version of the NI Controller Editor.

-New Browser sample preview mode: Easily scroll through the browser list and pre-hear samples without loading them.

-Revised select screen: Now includes individual note length and velocity editing.

-Auto-write pinning: Pin the Auto-Write button for improved automation recording – tweak with two hands!.

-New hardware shortcuts: Select and erase events quickly and easily.

-Panic button: Immediately cuts off all sound from MASCHINE.

-Improved missing sample handling: Now locates files per project – point the MASCHINE software to the location for one missing file, and it automatically resolves other -related missing files.

-Sampler play position indicator: See the play marker in the sampler wave display – also shown in the hardware display.

-Save Group with samples: Now you possess and dominate the option to save Group with samples.

Our release can load protected NI plugins contents and Maschine Expansions without any activations.


For this Maschine update, we also worked on the all Maschine expansions this time. Those represented as uploaded to many places but most of them lucks installers so that they cannot be registered to Maschine properly. We’ve made specific installers per product for Windows.

Before you install our expansion, we strongly recommend you to uninstall previous one and delete Maschine database. You can easily clear the database with included “NI_Maschine_DB_Cleaner.exe”.

Special respects to the original expansions uploaders!

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