Overloud All Plugins x86 x64 VST PLUGINS RTAS AiR

Overloud All Plugins x86 x64 VST PLUGINS RTAS AiR

Overloud All Plugins x86 x64 VST PLUGINS RTAS AiR

Overloud All Plugins x86 x64 | 240 MB

Collection of plugins from Overloud.
The following is a detailed description of all included in the set of plug-ins
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TH1 1.1.16
Outdated compared to TH2 but an updated version of the guitar rack from the company TH1 Overloud. The fourth-generation analog emulation. Advanced cabinet emulations with technology Respire. Easy to create their own switching. Revolutionary GUI, host or MIDI real-time control with a smart control. 3D positioning of microphones and much more.

TH2 2.1.8
Advanced compared with TH1 guitar rack version. The traditional ease of use, excellent sound, lots of guitar effects emulations, amps, cabinets. You can import pulses from other manufacturers in the format of wav. In TH2 added authorized and approved by the manufacturers, simulation modeling amp and cabinet Randall ®, Brunetti ® and THD ® should be noted that in the Randall ® Lynch Box has a choice of modules (13 to choose from) TH2 also featuring chronicle this a very low load on the CPU that allows easy use it in large projects where processing a large number of tracks.

Mark Studio 1 1.2.1
Truly a great plug-in emulates amps and cabinets Markbass. The three top models of amplifiers MarkBass. Six cabinets: STD 151HR (rear-ported 1×15 “), STD 152HR (rear-ported 2×15”), STD 104HR (rear-ported 1×15 “), STD 104HF (front-ported 4×10”), STD 106HF (front-ported 6×10 “), and Classic 108 (sealed 8×10”). Choose from six microphones. Technological featuring chronicle this Overloud and fourth-generation Audio Engine. Accurate reproduction of each characteristics and nuances of Markbass amps and cabinets.

SpringAge 1.0.5
Simulation of spring reverb. If you want a real tone and dynamics of the spring reverb, you should try it! Three models. The plugin is suitable for processing of any tools.

BREVERB 1.5.15
High quality software reverb modeled on known hardware devices. It comprises four different algorithms – Hall, Room, Plate, Inverse each of which is accurately modeled and designed without any compromise in sound quality.

VKFX 2.2.8
Vintage Keyboard FX Suite – is a virtual rack of vintage analog outstanding models of processors, perfect for keyboard players.

Recommendations for installation:

When installing choose what to put VST PLUGINS, Standalone or RTAS. After installation, run the plug-in and log in manually select Manual Authorization. Generate a license file Save License Reqest and save it for example on the desktop. The file name is *. olr Then run the KGN, choose the right product in it and click on Import and then pointing to the license file that was just created by the program. KGN will create a new file named *. olf you want to send to the program by selecting the Read license file.

Size: 240 Mb

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