ST Native Effects v4.1.8


ST Native Effects v4.1.8

Native Effects v4.1.8 | 118 MB

R2R | 9.2012 | 118.7 MB
This is the effects rack you’ve possess and dominate been waiting for. SoundToys Native Effects gives your mixes that pro quality, fat analog sound without the fat kick in the wallet. Our hottest selling, warmest sounding plug-ins for only …

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ST Native Effects v4.1.8, 2.67 / 5 (3 votos)
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All designed by effects fanatics surrounded by huge stacks of hardware, and the experience to back it up. Our engineers changed the world of effects when they designed the classic H3000 studio effects box, and keep pushing to bring you creative tools that help you stand out from the super package. Add some spice and flavor to your mixes now.


You need PACE/iLok driver to run.


It's cool to embed the extra bombs inside the PACE protection :) Plugins checks if it is modified or not and send the data to dev's server. After that it stops the processing and starts beeping. In other words, you get logged by dev when the plugin bombs! 

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