Sonic At Work Trancerone VSTi v1.1 PLUGINS

Sonic At Work Trancerone VSTi v1.1


TrancerOne is especially designed for the Dance/Trance/Techno genre. The
sound engine based on 4 oscillators. The first two OSCs are so called
“unison oscillators”. With these two OSCs you will already be able to
produce very phat and floating sounds. The third oscillator is a “regular”
virtual analog one with 7 waveforms incl. noise. The fourth OSC is the
heart of the TrancerOne. This one is a SoundFont2 oscillator with not less
than 64 !!! digital waveforms. The SF2 files are userloadeble, so you will
be able to load your own SoundFonts to OSC 4. With this option the
TrancerOne will be able to function in any musical style.

Mark the Release-peace-out | 583 MB

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