Spectrasonics Atmosphere Dream Synth Module v1.2 PLUGINS


Spectrasonics Atmosphere Dream Synth Module v1.2


The Atmosphere Dream Synth Module™, is a new type of software plug-in instrument
that integrates a massive, three gigabyte core library of more than one thousand
unique sounds and layer elements, with a powerful and intuitive interface for
shaping new textures. Atmosphere works as a native plug-in instrument in all
major hosts like Logic, Digital Performer, Cubase, Nuendo and Pro-Tools.

The range of sounds this instrument is capable of is astonishing, from lush
ethereal pads, to powerful leads, crystalline glass swells to dark brooding
atonal clouds, unusual synth basses, evocative ambiences, deep drones, complex
textures, vintage analog sounds, disturbing noise FX, europhasers, gorgeous
ambient string ensembles, thick trance/techno sounds, wavetable sweeps, vocoded
choirs, dense vocal washes, transparent evolutions, and shimmering prisms of
harmonic convergence. Sounds this rich put even the best hardware synths to


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The stellar Sound Quality is this instrument’s number one feature. The scope of
sounds it can produce is very broad, making it extremely versatile in a wide
variety of musical situations. This is made possible because there has never
been a programmable synth released with such a massive, high resolution core
wavetable to work with…completely dedicated to sound design elements (no stock
pianos or oboes!)

The core library of a thousand powerful sounds is just the starting point for
your own creations. The beauty of Atmosphere is in its “dual-layer” concept. You
can immediately mix and match the layers of any of the 1,000 PTCHes, and tweak
each layer fully independently. That’s over a million possible combinations!
Each layer has its own multimode resonant filters, four LFOs, three envelopes
and matrix modulation. There is also an additional master filter for quick tone
shaping. The possibilities for creative manipulation represented as phenomenal… and yet
it is so easy to use.

Atmosphere is an amazing sounding instrument, designed to inspire and surprise
for many years.

– 3.7 gig core library offers vast array of textures to explore
– 1,000 PTCHes by award-winning sound designer Eric Persing
– All NEW Sounds
– Powerful interface and synthesis capabilities
– Dynamic layering of sounds for over 1,000,000 mix combinations
– Easy to use… Built-in PTCH management system
– Fully programmable
– Total recall with your sequence
– Multimode resonant Filters for each layer, plus Master Filters
– Three envelopes per layer for Pitch, Filter and Amplitude
– Matrix-style modulation routing, four LFOs
– Powered by custom 32 bit UVI engine
– Cross platform plug-in compatibility

Operates as a virtual instrument software plug-in in all major hosts like Logic,
Digital Performer, Pro Tools, Cubase SX, Ableton LIVE, Nuendo, Fruity Loops,
Acid Pro and many other VST hosts.
*also works in Sonar 2.0 with a VST wrapper (not included)


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