Vokator v1.20 VSTi DXi RTAS WiN PLUGINS

Vokator v1.20 VSTi DXi RTAS


Vocoding in a New Dimension. Powered by an extremely high-resolution FFT spectral engine, VOKATOR defines a new standard for vocoding transparency, detail, and smoothness. In addition to an exceptional vocoder, VOKATOR boasts a sophisticated synthesizer and a granular sampler: a virtual sound-fusion laboratory. With advanced features and multiple modes of operation, VOKATOR opens vast new worlds of sound-design possibilities. The Vocoding Engine. VOKATOR’s FFT spectral engine is a milestone in vocoder development. Previous vocoders used eight, sixteen, twenty, or even thirty-two frequency bands – the more frequency bands, the smoother and creamier the effect. Unlike its predecessors, VOKATOR’s advanced engine uses 1024 bands. In addition to its stunningly transparent, full-resolution operation, VOKATOR’s bands can even be grouped together for a convincing vintage-vocoder emulation. To ensure optimal dynamic range across the frequency spectrum, an integrated multi-band compressor balances the levels of all bands. Fully Configurable Design. A pair of vocoding channels can either be spectrally combined or played independently. Channel A can be switched between an integrated file player or external input A, while Channel B can be set to a full-featured synthesizer, a time-stretching granular sampler, or external input B. For a traditional vocoder effect, the frequency spectrum of the external input would be controlled by the synthesizer, but VOKATOR’s capabilities are much more advanced than simple vocoding.

Mark the Release AiR | 08-2007 | 274 MB

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Diverse Sound Sources. VOKATOR is both an effect plug-in and a vocoder-based synthesizer. Its synthesizer features an advanced dual-oscillator design with dynamic preset morphing controlled by the modulation wheel. VOKATOR’s granular sampler can independently control a sample’s pitch and time. A full range of modulators – step sequencers, envelope followers, LFOs, and more – can be easily routed to any of the synthesizer’s or sampler’s parameters.

Top Features:
* Extremely high-resolution FFT spectral engine
* Multiple vocoding modes
* Operation configurable from 4 to 1024 frequency bands
* Full-function dual-oscillator synthesizer with dynamic PTCH morphing, multiple filter modes, and FM
* Granular sampler with independent control of time and pitch
* Realtime frequency spectrum displays of input and output
* Advanced modulation section includes step sequencers, tempo-synced LFOs, envelope followers, voiced/unvoiced detectors
* Integrated frequency band compressor for the output signal
* Custom filter spectral curves with the breakpoint editor of the equalizer
* Gate and level compression of the input, multi-band compressor for the output
* Includes more than 400 presets, plus 300 MB samples by ZG

System Requirements. 10.4.x, G4 733 MHz or Intel Core Duo 1.66 GHz, 512 MB RAM Windows XP, Pentium/ Athlon 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM
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