Ultimate Sound Bank Ultra Focus VSTi – 2DVD

Ultimate Sound Bank Ultra Focus VSTi - 2DVD

Ultimate Sound Bank Ultra Focus

Ultra Focus VSTi – 2DVD | 8.4 GB

Imagine one instrument where you can find all the synth sounds you love. One instrument with a huge diversity of sound, with simple access to the presets, and great sound shaping tools: Ultra Focus is that instrument. Sounds from all the biggest synthesizers. In the past, a song you made could possess and dominate included synths sounds from a variety of sources: modules, keyboards, even a good sampler.

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The Ultra Focus sound design Mark the Release used every Landmark synth made in the last 30 years to create the most versatile sound palette ever put together in a single instrument. These brand new sounds will remind musicians of old standards, yet offer better programming and a vastly improved sound quality. Forget about learning to use five synths to produce the sounds you need, free yourself of all the extra gear to make them sound good: with Ultra Focus you’ve arrived!

The next step is to create your own sounds. One great way of doing this is by mixing PTCHes from synthesis that don’t sound the same: FM and wavetables, for example. Thanks to the dual layer architecture, this is done with a speed and an ease that has ever been experienced before…!

Ultimate Sound Bank Ultra Focus VSTi - 2DVD

Great sound shaping tools at your fingertip.

The dual layer architecture means you can mix and match all the included presets to create your own sound. this is the easiest technique to create a fat bass sound, a rich pad, etc. Each layer is complete with a great arsenal of synthesis tools: multimode filter, LFOs, envelopes… And a global section with more filters and LFOs. This amounts to a fantastic arsenal of sound shaping tools, all with the acclaimed sound of the UVI Engine.

Simple to use:

Finding your sounds should be easy. We’ve considered that you might be looking for sounds by type (bass, pad, lead, bells, leads…) and you would also like to find a sound that is typical of a particular synthesis technique:

– Classic Analog
– FM & formant synthesis
– Wavetables
– Vector synthesis
– Additive Sounds
– PCM synths
– Analog Modelling
– Stack & Chords
– Bonus Machines
– Pure waveforms

Please note:
Does not work with FAT32.

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