UltimateSoundBank X-Treme FX VSTi DVDR

UltimateSoundBank X-Treme FX VSTi DVDR

UltimateSoundBank X-Treme FX

X-Treme FX VSTi DVDR | 8.5 GB

UVI Soundcard X-Treme FX is a sound library dedicated to sound effects, foleys and atmospheric sounds. For sound designers it means having a brand new soundbank and the ability to work faster than ever with a great set sound shaping tools (layers, filters, envelopes, LFOs…) thanks to the UVI Engine XT. This means it will be easier and faster to build complex sounds. And it’s perfect to trigger the included sound effects easily!

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UVI Soundcard X-treme FX is also a great composition tool that will serve as a source of inspiration for new musical ideas. Few instruments represented as as easy and enjoyable to use, and provide as wide a range of unconventional, cinematic and bizarre sounds. For basic atmospheres, it is unparalleled. With the integration of the UVI Engine XT, you can count on an uncompromised sound quality throughout the plug-in.

Flexible sound library

X-treme FX puts 5000 of creative sound effects at your fingertips: the soundset occupies over 8 Gigabytes of disc space. X-Treme FX is incredibly faster and more affordable than using other soundbanks. Included categories represented as: Atmospheres, Scenes, Unreal, Science-Fiction, Sub & Drones, Natural, Urban, Foleys and Musical. Scenes represented as provided: one preset loads up an ensemble of related sounds, perfect for live mixing or creating a virtual soundscape. Throughout the library you’ll find sounds that represented as off the beaten track, original and expressive.

UVI Soundcard X-Treme FX
includes the same soundlibrary as the previous UltimateSoundBank X-Treme FX. This sample collection was acclaimed by sound designers worldwide.

Library includes:
* Atmospheres
* Scenes
* Unreal
* Science-Fiction
* Sub & Drones
* Natural
* Urban
* Foleys
* Musical

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