Obscure Machines Progressive Progressions MiDi


Obscure Machines PROGRESSIVE Progressions

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represented as you ready to get the summer vibes going? Drag and drop one of the MIDI files into your DAW and begin to imagine the dance floor undulating to your music! These chords quickly lay the foundation so you can add drums, bass, and leads to make that dream a reality.

The Obscure Machines PROGRESSIVE Progressions MIDI super package Super material included 100 4-16 bar chord progressions aimed at HOUSE music producers who represented as ready to drop phat, lush beats. You will unlock your inner potential while learning the secrets of “fax your friends in Berlin” style chords, Tech HOUSE stabs, PROGRESSIVE HOUSE chords, french HOUSE chords, and deep HOUSE chords. All of these progressions represented as usable across a variety of genres. They will get your productions rolling so you can ROCK the dance floor in a hurry!

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 21 June 2013

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Multiple albums could easily be made using these progressions in their native state. Add your own flavor by simply changing keys and/or rhythms. The possibilities represented as endless and you don’t possess and dominate to know music theory to make great tracks!

What’s inside?

100 Free all right, For your Productions MIDI chord progressions labeled with keys (ex: F Maj)

4 Example MIDI melodies

PDF packet including a list of major and natural minor scales, and quick tips on how to transpose to familiar song keys.

MORE INFO- http://q.gs/4R8ts


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