Studio Essentials Progressive Trance WAV SAMPLES

Studio Essentials Progressive Trance


We’re really proud of the way our Studio Essentials series has developed over the last couple of years, it’s been so well received by our customers and just keeps growing. Today we are dedicating all our attention to what is an epic addition to the series, Studio Essentials – Progressive Trance. Boasting euphoric breakdowns, driving patterns, screaming leads, orgasmic rush sections and just about everything in between, sh*t yeah this is good. The pack includes everything you need for your Progressive Trance productions, drum sounds, drum beats, basslines, fx, synth hooks, pad loops and more. Every sample is top notch quality, mastered to take any level of pounding and guaranteed to lift your musical game in minutes.

Coming in at just over 500 Progressive Trance sounds this sample pack is crammed full of euphoric goodness, it really doesn’t matter whether you’re producing Progressive Trance, Progressive House or even regular Trance there is something for everyone in here. It’s full of hands up moments to get the clubs rushing, slamming drops to watch a whole dance floor rock and choppy leads which will make even the most seasoned clubber smile.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 26 May 2014 | 406 MB

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With Studio Essentials – Progressive Trance you have the power to destroy dance floors, it’s all tucked away in this packs folders. We will change your tracks for the better, make you a better producer and command a god like status when playing your tracks to a capacity club, f*ck you must love Zenhiser by now!

Studio Essentials – Progressive Trance specs:

Progressive Trance Basslines – 50
Progressive Trance Drum Beats – 200
Progressive Trance Drums – Hi Hats – 25
Progressive Trance Drums – Kicks – 25
Progressive Trance Drums – Percussion – 25
Progressive Trance Drums – Snares & Claps – 25
Progressive Trance FX – 25
Progressive Trance Prog Lines (Includes midi parts) – 100
Progressive Trance Synth Loops – 50



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