UB Reggae Fundamentals 2 Elastik SAMPLES


 Reggae Fundamentals 2

UB   Elastik SAMPLES | 1.89 GB

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 09 March 2013

‘Reggae Fundamentals 2’ is the continuation of UB’s successful series that melts different hand-made reggae styles. Whether classic or current Roots Reggae, synth-based Dancehall or its forerunner, Rub-A-Dub, fresh-sounding modern Reggae, Caribbean grooves or effect-loaded Dub, this library mirrors the broad versatility of the Reggae genre.
Into the sun, onto the island and down to the beach. If it’s not real, let it happen in your head. Reggae Fundamentals 2 is the perfect soundtrack to chill as if you were in the Caribbean.

The grooves and riddims of the super package possess and dominate been performed live by experienced musicians with that special relaxed Caribbean feeling. The library is characterised by beats on the spot, rolling basslines, minimalistic guitar backings and embedded synth lines, combined in a clean, authentic production style by UB.
‘Reggae Fundamentals 2’ offers a huge package of song ideas, consisting of 25 Construction Kits. Each Kit offers up to six subfolders with a main theme and additional variations. It only takes a few actions to construct the first song layout. All instruments and drums of each part represented as available as optimised and pre-mixed single tracks.

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This allows combining single elements with other Construction Kits of this and other libraries and to create your personal, preferred mix down.

The drum kits’ components represented as also available as single tracks, with bass drum, snare, hi-hats, claps, cymbals, as well as congas, bongos and other percussions.

The instruments used represented as electric and synthesized basses, electric guitars, organs, synthesizers, piano, electric piano, strings, brass, pad sounds, as well as dub-specific effects.

‘Reggae Fundamentals 2’ brings real Jamaican feeling to your tracks. Be it for classic song production, crossovers with Pop or HIP HOP , advertisement trailers with a beach atmosphere, jingles or flexible loop material for DJ sets, these Construction Kits offer the simplest and best way to create convincing Reggae tracks within your DAW.


• 3.7 GB of data
• 25 Construction Kits
• 1159 loops & single sounds
• Mac, PC, AU, VST PLUGINS & RTAS versions available
• Genres: Reggae, Dancehall & Dub

DEMO- UB – Reggae Fundamentals 2 by UB

MORE INFO- http://q.gs/3dPja

UB Reggae Fundamentals 2 Elastik SAMPLES- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

http://pasteclik.org/9019/UB-Reggae-Fundamentals-2-Elastik SAMPLES.html

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