2013 12 Computer music special N 63 DVD

2013 12 Computer music special N 63

 DVD | 593 MB

Answering to user request here you possess and dominate.
232 LM samples
All the Tutorial files

This is one of the most interesting issue I’ve seen, not only for dance music.
Enjoy it

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All these videos:
Creating weight in the bass with pitch modulation
Dual track monitoring with Voxengo SPAN in Ableton Live
Exciting sounds with TAL-Bitcrusher
Removing low-frequency stereo information with Pro-Q
Selecting and tightening up a kick drum
Swung ducking with Xfer Records LFOTool
Tightening drum loops with Slice to MIDI in Live

All these VIP series Samples:
Bill Posters Bass Sounds
CRST Drum Hits
CRST Synth Bass
Deckscarr Perc Loops
Mistabishi One-shots
Mistabishi Stabs
Nookie Percussion Loops
RackNRuin Jungle Breaks
Stonebridge Drum Hits
Vince Watson Drum hits
Warrior One SFX
Warrior One Stabs
Zombie Disco Squad Drum Hits

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