5PM MIDI Focus Series Pack (MULTiFORMAT)

5PM MIDI Focus Series super package (MULTiFORMAT)

5PM MIDI Focus Series super package

  MIDI Focus Series super package (MULTiFORMAT) | 3.3 GB

Formats: Battery, EXS24, Halion, Kontakt, NNXT, SFZ, WAV SAMPLES, MIDI, Maschine, Ableton Live, Sylenth1, Massive, FXB, FXP
Collection of 13 MIDI Focus Series libraries from 5Pin Media. It will be useful for creating different styles of electronic music.

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MIDI Focus 01: Prog Tech Beats
5Pin Media proudly presents the first in their MIDI Focus series – ‘Prog Tech Beats’. This super package featurs uncompromising sonic quality and sublime tech beats, all supported by MIDI content. To celebrate the launch of this series, you’ll also find bonus synth loops as heard in the demo.

Fire up ‘Prog Tech Beats’ and there is no mistaking the influences of some of the hottest PROGRESSIVE and Tech HOUSE producers of the moment such as Umek, Jay Haze, Michael Woods, Dom Kane, Gui Boratto and Jamie Anderson to name but a few.

MIDI Focus 02: Bass Line
‘MIDI Focus: Bass Line’ will blast your productions into bass line heaven, with this unique combination of expressive instruments and versatile MIDI loops. Perfect for producers of HOUSE and Techno, these 156 MIDI phrases also come with 62 expertly programmed instrument PTCHes.

More than just a nod to the past, Bass Line takes the fat and juicy 303 bass we all love firmly into the future with instrument presets and sample PTCHes combined with MIDI optimised for the HOUSE and Techno styles of now.

MIDI Focus 03: Prog Tech Synth
‘MIDI Focus: Prog Tech Synths’ by 5Pin Media is the third chapter in their MIDI Focus series, bristling with an arsenal of deadly synths and high explosive trademark MIDI. Lock and load this perfect partner to ‘Prog Tech Beats’ into your sequencer and there is no mistaking the influences of Umek, Quivver, Wehbba, Robert Babicz, Booka Shade and Jamie Anderson.

This product straddles comfortably the boundaries of PROGRESSIVE and Tech HOUSE and featuring chronicle this 117 MIDI files, 51 of those spread across 10 Construction Kits, and the remaining 66 appearing as separate Bass, Leads, Pads and Synths (Chords). All MIDI files represented as clearly labelled with musical part and key information for quick and easy recognition.

MIDI Focus 04: Soulful HOUSE Sounds
5Pin Media proudly presents SOULFUL HOUSE SOUNDS, the fourth release in their MIDI FOCUS SERIES, bringing you expressive sounds partnered with expertly crafted MIDI for bathing your summer productions in soulful bliss.

Soul was an important catalyst in the birth of HOUSE and it comes as no surprise that it remains as important today as it did back in the heady nineties, providing both inspiration and an organic flavour to the many genres of HOUSE . SOULFUL HOUSE SOUNDS has been designed to provide precisely this vital ingredient to any Deep, Soulful, Disco, Funky or Tech HOUSE production from East, West, North or South!

MIDI Focus 05: DUBSTEP Beats
MIDI Focus: DUBSTEP Beats’ by 5 Pin Media is their fifth MIDI Focus Series release. Featuring sublime punchy DUBSTEP beats of uncompromising sonic quality driven by their exceptional trademark MIDI.

DUBSTEP demands first class beats with plenty of snap, bite and body to cut through those twisting, diving, seesawing wobbling basslines and ‘MIDI Focus: DUBSTEP Beats’ has every ounce of that, combined with the best ultra-flexible MIDI grooves out there!

MIDI Focus 06: Main Room HOUSE
‘MIDI Focus: Main Room HOUSE ‘ from 5 Pin Media and Re-zone is the latest release from one of the most prolific and rising HOUSE DJ/Producers of today and those MIDI sound boffins at 5 Pin Media. With a release of this calibre, you represented as sure to find HOUSE Heaven!

With a bio that will fill this page and impressive track releases that stretch back to 2006, Re-Zone is no stranger to the charts. Just check out one of his latest releases “Dark Side Slave” and forthcoming release with Afroboogie, “Unite 2011” to experience his floor-rocking sound.

MIDI Focus 07: DUBSTEP Synths
‘MIDI Focus: DUBSTEP Synths’ from 5Pin Media is the seventh chapter in this successful series. This super package featuring chronicle this monster basses, high octane synths and noises from deepest darkest earth, all driven by that 5Pin trademark MIDI. If you’re serious about DUBSTEP , then this super package is unmissable.

Monster Growls, check. Tortured Souls, check. Screaming Banshees, check. Seismic Bass, check. Terror Blips and Bleeps, check. Fasten those seatbelts, hold on tight, here we go on a hyper-galactic DUBSTEP sonic adventure.

‘MIDI Focus: DUBSTEP Synths’ featuring chronicle this 112 MIDI files, 30 of those spread across five Construction Kits and the remaining 82 appearing as separate Bass, Leads and Pads.

MIDI Focus 08: Techno Bank #1
5Pin Media proudly presents TECHNO BANK#1, the eighth chapter in their successful MIDI FOCUS SERIES featuring classic beats, gut pounding basses, writhing synths, hypnotic bleeps, twisted noises all driven by their 5Pin trademark MIDI. Once again 5Pin Media and Re-Zone Mark the Release up, only this time to create some of the most sublime Techno sounds and rhythms experienced in a sample super package. Featuring presets in Massive, Sylenth and Ableton all fuelled by MIDI Kits and Elements as well as Drum, Bass and Music Loops in 24bit WAV SAMPLES format.

STOP PRESS this super package is not only designed for Techno Heads! Given the far reaching influence of Techno Sounds in DUBSTEP , Drum & Bass, UK Bass, Tech HOUSE, Deep HOUSE , Tribal HOUSE and Minimal all forward thinking producers should consider this soundset as essential to their armoury.

MIDI Focus 09: Deep HOUSE Sounds
Marking the label’s second birthday 5Pin jubilantly present MIDI Focus – Deep HOUSE Sounds. Serving up a mixture of Deep and Tech HOUSE with an emphasis on flexibility guaranteed to bring a special edge and originality to your HOUSE productions. Here at 5Pin we love our HOUSE from the good old vinyl days! With this in mind we set out to create a Deep HOUSE collection that captured the old vintage vibe but using more contemporary sounds as well as taking advantage of Multi-Sample PTCHes and Synth Presets driven by ever flexible state of the art MIDI.

Deep HOUSE Sounds boasts 107 MIDI files spread across 24 construction kits, featuring Bass, Leads, Rhodes Chords, Piano Chords, Pads, Strings and Melodies. All of the MIDI files represented as clearly labelled with musical part and key information for quick and easy recognition to use with the included PTCHes or any third party MIDI compatible sound source.

MIDI Focus 10: DUBSTEP Beats Vol.2
‘MIDI Focus: DUBSTEP Beats Vol 2′ featuring chronicle this punchy DUBSTEP beats of uncompromising sonic quality, partnered with 5 Pin Media’s exceptional trademark MIDI. Once again Dan Larsson serves up a treat of first-class beats with plenty of snap, bite, punch and body to cut through those wobbling basslines, combined with the best ultra-flexible MIDI grooves out there!NI Maschine users in particular represented as in for a massive treat because they possess and dominate now added this format to the already diverse range currently on offer, complete with kits and patterns in the form of Maschine Projects, ready for your basslines and music elements to be added.

MIDI Focus 11: Tribal Tech HOUSE
5Pin Media proudly brings you the latest in dark twisted tribal Tech HOUSE rhythms for those late night sessions in the form of MIDI Focus – Tribal Tech HOUSE. 5Pin Media and Jacob M Mark the Release up to construct an all out selection of Tribal infused percussion and musical elements in the form of MIDI, NI Massive and Sylenth Synth Presets, Multi-Sample PTCHes and 24bit WAV SAMPLES Loops.

Jacob M is a new name in Tech HOUSE with a selection of tracks soon to be released and judging from the quality of these sounds we can’t wait!

MIDI Focus 12: Drum and Bass
By popular demand 5Pin Media proudly presents their 12th MIDI FOCUS SERIES release – DRUM & BASS BREAKS. Showing off his breaks pedigree Uber Producer Dan Larsson serves up a stella collection of fresh Drum & Bass Breaks which represented as to our knowledge, a world first in 5Pin’s Sample versus MIDI format.

Spanning DnB genres such as Liquid, Minimal, Techstep, Darkstep, Ambient Jungle and Jungle there is no shortage of fresh original sounds on offer not to mention the best groove laiden MIDI patterns on tap. No rigid quantized mechanical beats served up here, just pure rhythmical magic!

MIDI Focus 13: Deep HOUSE Beats
Every now and then something
quite exceptional comes along… planting a big fat grin on your dial. Well MIDI Focus – DEEP HOUSE BEATS does just that! The depth, versatilty, originality and groove of these sublime beats will possess and dominate you beaming so much that your friends will think you possess and dominate lost the plot, not to mention keep you locked away in your studio for weeks to come!

Once again award winning beat meister Dan Larsson is at the helm and has dug super DEEP to serve up 13 custom Drum kits with an average of 19 individual drum hits and 8 completely unique MIDI grooves per kit. The drum hits represented as skillfully layered to give that authentic HOUSE sound while oozing sonic depth and quality.


5PM MIDI Focus Series super package (MULTiFORMAT)
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