5PM Tribal Percussion

Tribal Percussion [MULTIFORMAT SAMPLES] | 1.3 GB

‘Tribal Percussion’ from 5Pin Media fuses the vibrant and dynamic sounds of real, authentic percussion with ELECTRO , HOUSE and Techno vibes in this 1.9GB multi-format journey through contemporary world music. Minimal but expert production and playable PTCHes make this a versatile and unmissable library.

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The MIDI-mad rhythm addicts at 5Pin possess and dominate been soaking up the African festivities involving a football and some controversial unmusical plastic horns. Mercifully none feature in Tribal Percussion by 5Pin Media – only crunching tribal rhythms from blistering sessions involving Djembe, Conga, Bongo, Cajon, Mandal, Pot drum and various other drums combined with exotic shakers and world percussion to provide the topping.

Combine the loops, midi and multisampled instruments and fuel your tribal productions with a contemporary vibe as found in bombshells by Radio Slave (Koma Koma), Layo&Bushwacka (Djembe / Madagaskar), Minilogue (Jamaica), Sercan (Ajajaja / Flow), and Jamie Anderson vs Deepgroove (Voix) to mention but a few.

Tribal Percussion thumps in at a mighty 1.9GB, comprising 610 loops in Acidized WAV SAMPLES & REX formats, 479 Midi loops, 18 Kits and 34 multisampled instruments in NNXT, Sampler and Kontakt 3 formats and is available as a Live7+ super package and zipped multiformat download.

True to the 5Pin formula, the Midi and Audio Loops ooze with a natural unquantised groove as captured in the live percussion sessions. All audio has been recorded in 24bit quality at 126BPM with light processing leaving plenty of scope for you the producer to add your own unique touch.

The multisampled instruments possess and dominate been crafted using velocity layering and round robin sample playback for a realistic, expressive, versatile sound pallet which when combined with the midi loops, literally come alive.

Detailed Contents:
3 sizes of Djembe with Kesseng, Cajon, Congas, Bongos, Mandal, Berimbau, Caxixi shakers, Juju shakers, Shekeres, Guiro, Claves, Triangle, Tambourine, Agogo, Rain Stick and our own custom creations to name but a few.

So don’t delay! Give yourself the edge with an extreme bag of versatile tribal sounds, MIDI, rhythm and grooves that will never age in the form of 5Pin’s Tribal Percussion.
5Pin would like to say big Thank You to Trish and David at naturalflowdirect.com for their support and supply of instruments.

Technical Specifications for sound content:
• 1.9GB
• 435 Percussion Loops
• 176 Construction Kit Loops
• 479 MIDI Loops
• 610 REX2 files
• 1050+ One-shots
• 144 Bonus Percussion shots
• 34 Multi-Sampled Instruments using velocity layering and round robin in NN-XT, Kontakt 3 and Live Sampler formats
• Also Includes Bonus TR808 Kick, Clap and Hat Loops
• 22 MIDI Groove Templates
• Ableton Live super package sold seperately

Download 5PM Tribal Percussion [MULTIFORMAT SAMPLES]

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